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Porsche Boxster 911 993 Front trunk Roadster bag Luggage Case

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Product Spec
Part Number: 19B-993

Porsche Boxster 911 993 Front trunk Roadster bag Luggage Case

  • This is also suitable for Porsche Boxster 911 993
  • We offer one large trolley suitcase that is specifically built for the Porsche 911 993 Front trunk. Because of the design of this luggage, you can now utilise all of the available space.
  • This Roadster bag luggage is also entirely handcrafted from the finest nylon and artificial leather. Beautiful Ancarra microfibre is used on the interior.
  • The trolley includes a multi-step aluminium pull-handle mechanism with an ergonomic grip in a lightweight portion.
  • Seam colour is silver.
  • Contains 1pc in Total.
  • Special order

Dimensions in inches:

1x (Trolley) 14.63 x 26.91 x 10.14 to 8.19


  • Logo - Available by default with the Roadsterbag logo. You can choose without logo, Custom logo words (maximum 3 words) or Custom logo (we cannot print manufacturer logos). Kindly email us after placing the order with your custom words or logo requirements to:
  • Seam colour - Standard colour is Silver White. If you would like a different seam colour, please select the colour number required (as shown on the colour card with the photos).
  • Rhombus Front Pattern - Embossed design in Black (sold per set of bags) or Rhombus Front Pattern Custom Stitching (charged per bag) - please select the colour number required (as shown on the colour card with the photos). 
  • Inner lining colour - Standard colour is Grey which can be changed to Green, Black or Red (as shown on the colour card with the photos) - please select the option required.
  • Available with Custom leather colour options (as shown on the colour card with the photos) - please contact us via email for additional Custom options:
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